Dear Suwanee Family Physicians Patients,

As we deal with the current Corona virus epidemic we are making changes to our practice and
how we handle the flow of office visits. You will be taken to your room when it is ready and
you will not have to wait in the lobby. These strategies will help us keep you 6 feet from
another patient and you will not have to open a door, use a pen, or touch a credit card

Thank you for your understanding.

Making an Appointment:
1) On the phone please tell us if you are feeling feverish or have a cough.
2) We are limiting visits from 8:00am to 4:30pm to cover for a staffing shortage.
Office visits:
1) Call us from your cell phone when you arrive in the parking lot. Your Car is now your
waiting room. Most administrative tasks can be handled by cellphone while you wait in
your car.
2) We will call your cell phone when your room is sanitized and ready.
3) No family members unless the patient is a minor.
4) We recommend you reschedule any non-essential, non-emergent visits until after the
National Emergency is lifted.
5) We separate any ‘sick” patients from well patients on separate sides of the building.

Staying Informed:
1) We monitor the CDC website, Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Gwinnett Forsyth
Hospital, and the AAFP to continually improve our processes to reduce the spread of
2) Dr. Shih is on staff at Emory Johns Creek, and Northside Gwinnett and follows their
recommendations and office process changes and guidance daily.

Medication Refills:
1) Refill requests for medications will be handled on a case by case basis.
We are here to help and we are very serious about your health and our role in limiting the
spread of the virus. We appreciate your understanding.

John Y. Shih, DO, FAAFP
and the staff at
Suwanee Family Physicians